I said yes but she kept sayin' no
Yeah the scent was in the air
Was it a rose
Isaid excuse me ma'am but you tweekin' my nose
She slapped him in the face with a terrible blow...

Ohh what a sourpuss...

Mug all twisted (like a licorice chew)
Make a puss like that (it's gonna stay on you)
Gasoline stang (if you know what I mean)

Ohh what a sourpuss...
Nothin' but a sourpuss

Sour (P-u-s-s) Sour (P-u-s-s)
(Repeat x 5)

I step to the rear guess what did I see
A big pumpin bump (just a lookin' at he)
Bootie licious nutritious (for the doodle e dee)
I tapped her on the shoulder (and what fdid you see)
Nothin' but a Sourpuss...

Squirt juicy Bootie (but the mugga was pushed)
Igot a knife full of butta (to spread the butush)
Would you like to eat that (oh how I woosh)
It made my face turn green from her fuming bush

Ohh what a Sourpuss...
Nothin' but a Sourpuss...

Sour (P-u-s-s) Sour (P-u-s-s)
(Repeat x 5)

Do you know of the many mangling ways there are to twist your puss
If sho get sour sometime down there by the mission
Let me get a piece of chicken you got there

Hell yeah...

You've got that clench jaw scrunched snawz look
You've got the frown wrinkled flex lip look
You got the ring around the collar pulsin' all red
You got the prune face mental case punch munch mug
Looks like you got a frown like a crazy clown with mug fallin' down
You got mustard nostrils and barnacles all up under your chin
You got da sloopy skin decomposing grin
Yo head is flat wit stringy napps and happy nap sack
You got the looky loo mouth piarea crew
You got the don't hurt me please limburger cheese look
When you took a photo shot the lens broke cause ya ugly folk
Looks like your nose gat caught up and twisted in a bicycle spoke
Yo face can pass for a orangutan's ass
Yo pussy smell so bad I had to move to Bagdad
You got the Marion Berry Rockhead look
You got the Al Green hot grits look
You grill is made of steel and can't be real
You got that Spiderman brace face been hit in the face by the Funkenstein bass

Yo mug is covered with chili lookin' silly
Workin' at 7-11 thinkin' everything is heaven

Ohh what a Sourpuss... Nothin' but a Sourpuss...