! WelCoME tO Da NutT S@Ck !
ThiS PaGE Is An unOfiSHal WeB PaGe
wHeRE Ya wiLL fiNd piX, a DiSCoGrAphY

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dA NuttSaK

"For those of you who didn't know, the Nuttsak was once a Beautiful Art Deco styled 1930's U.S. Post office. 50 years later the joint was jumpin' as the rehearsal - recording studio known as, the Hole. Ultimately it became Fishbone's headquarters And the home of Phil Harmonics Star station Mercury, where Bands and artists such as Lakeside, Ziggy Marley and his crew, Boss Skank, Black Uhuru Ike Turner, Mickey Dread, H.R. of the Bad Brains, Shocka Zulu and many more filter'd back and forth from Nuttsak to Star Station. Many fun times where had and strippers, pornstarrs, badd Chinese food all night Kronic festivals forty ounce hangovers, groupie parties, police raids and some of the most talented and diverse Musicians the world has ever known. (as well as a couple of Groovy Ghost and spirits that occupied the dwelling of Nuttz.) which also added a special twist to the musical creations that evolved from the Nutsak. Some of these musical spermy creations that have penetrated the Eggsack, and have manifested themselves into a factual art fetus are: Trulio Disgrecious Dirty Walt and the Columbus Sanitation's exnutt, on "Barrio Artistas", a compilation CD of East L.A. Latino bands put together by Eddie Iyala and Norwood Fisher. and The Dr. MaddVibe Comprehensive Linkology CD. (by Angelo Moore)
Also in the Nuttsak is where Fishbone would rehearse and record their demos for the new Album that FishBone will be releasing with Hollywood records called Fishbone and Friends (or maybe) The Psycotic Friends Nuttwerk (or maybe) The Fishbone Familyhood Affair (or maybe) Escape from Mouschawitz. What ever we end up calling it it'll be the right title And right on time. On this particular Album we are attempting widen our barriers with both Music and the Human listening mass by collaberating with different musicians such as Drummers Abe Laboriel (The Raging Honkees) John Robinson (Rufus) James Grey (Weapon of choice) Dion Murdock (Mothers Finest) percussion: "Ravi" Lenny Castro Different Guitars: David Baerwald The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Billy Bass (Funkedelic) Primus BlowFly Gwen Stephani (No Doubt) Rick James Perry Ferrel Patrick Warren The Frank Zappa Horns(Walt Fowler Bruce Fowler Albert Wing) Richard Delve Ray Mid City finite Square La Wills Bridgett Female background vocalist: Rose Stone (Sly & the Family stone) Mona Lisa Young Alex Young Porche' Durga McBroom Monica Reed Kandice Lindsey Neb Love And of course the still O.G. remaining members of Fishbone: Angelo C. Moore Norway Fisher Dirty Walt Space T. Then there is John McNight on Keyboard, Trombone and many other instruments and the Drummer: Chimm Chimm
On August 15th, the Band performed at the Whiskey in Hollywood on at a Benefit in the matinee hours of the day. For the Lead singer for the Circle Jerks Keith Morris who has been one of L.A.'s pioneers of Punk Rock of the early Eighties Needed the funds to cover for the operation for the removal of his appendix which had burst and polyps on the colon. Also, the removal of a tumor. The Circle Jerks have been a major part in my Hardcore Education and musical inspiration. Later on in the evening at the Greek theater in Hollywood ca. Fishbone played the last date of the Watcha' Tour."
written by Anutter Reporter: Angelo C. Moore